About Us

We are a UK based designer and manufacturer of radar sensors for Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS), Speed Indicator Displays (SID), Safety Message Signs and Radar Speed Signs as well as traffic monitoring applications. We have our own state of the art manufacturing facilities so that we retain full control over all aspects of the production of our products.

With decades of experience in the design of electronics for high reliability industrial applications, we have created the Kestrel range of Speed Sign Radars and interface modules to provide the OEM customer with easy to use, low cost, flexible and ultra low power solutions. Kestrel Radar Sensors also offers a completely free integration advice service allowing you to concentrate on building the most effective products possible.

What We Do

Our Products
The Kestrel FlexAR range of products has been designed to work in a “plug and play” manner. You select the peripherals that you need for your end product so that you do not end up paying for functionality that is not required.

All Kestrel products are engineered to operate at the highest level of performance combined with ultra-low power consumption.  Every effort has been spent in reducing static and dynamic power consumption of our systems and as an example you will find that a fully configured Kestrel radar system mounted on a 2 digit LED board with Slow Down Sign (100 metre Radar+LED Driver+GSM Modem+Bluetooth+ZigBee_GPS+HI_IO+IO_485) will consume far less static current than most alternative vendors’ radar modules alone. Low power consumption is a crucial factor for VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) applications where a mains power supply is not available. Our 100-meter radar is the world’s lowest power device: operating at a duty cycle of 4Hz, it consumes less than 65mW of power.

OEM Solutions
Beyond Radar and software solutions, Kestrel provide a portfolio of IO and communications devices for the OEM integrator. This allows the vast majority of OEM customers to rapidly integrate our building blocks into complete functional systems. Time to market is one of the critical factors for profitability and in a demanding market our products help our customers to achieve these goals and to assist with this we are now able to offer standard of the shelf LED sign kits to help you get to market with minimal effort.

Customers can have very specific requirements and sometimes the standard solutions are not enough to fulfil the required criteria for a given product and we are more than happy to customise or even create new solutions to meet a challenging market. Our engineering expertise is only a phone call away whether you require guidance on using our modules or need help in your own design process, we are there to help.

With in-house raw material procurement to final assembly and test we can ensure that we offer the best products, manufactured to the very highest standards and at the most competitive price. This allows our end customers to concentrate on getting their product to market rapidly and on budget.

We strive to work closely with all our OEM partners to ensure their requirements are met with 100% satisfaction.

Our policy of continuous improvement and investment ensures that the very best and latest technologies can be used to enhance OEM products. Whether you’re interested in low volume usage or procuring 1000’s of systems we have the technology and the capacity to deliver quality product on time.

Why Choose Us
We work closely will all our customers both big and small to ensure that the products we provide meet their needs.  With our K1 series this meant that we would often make changes to the device firmware to match the requirements of the customer and we know from feedback that this is a service that set us apart from many of our competitors who are unwilling to take such action.

We’re also engineers so we understand the products that we are selling from a technical viewpoint.  We don’t have the team of slick salesmen who promise the earth but leave you out in the cold at the first sign of a technical enquiry or problem – we designed the products and we know their capabilities.

We also try to innovate wherever possible, our K2 radar uses a “virtual machine” which allows the end user to define the functionality and frees them from a limited set of operation modes. You can simply define how you want the radar to operate in-house and creating your own bespoke solution. If you have a problem then all you need to do is call us we will help and guide you or should you wish we will even try and do it for you. Kestrel is a customer oriented company, you matter to us and we will endeavour to help you however we can no matter what the enquiry or problem may be.

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