Kestrel Radar Sensors

Speed Detection & Sign Solutions

We are a leading manufacturer and designer of vehicle speed detection and LED sign solution products based in the UK. Our sensors are K-Band Doppler radars which operate at 24GHz. All of our products are designed with state of the art technology and our in-house manufacturing facility gives us full control over quality across our range of devices.

Our philosophy is one of continuous development and improvement, which enables us to provide our clients with the very best that doppler radar technology can offer for the traffic management industry.

A Truly Flexible OEM Radar Solution

With decades of design and manufacturing experience, we have developed our K2 Pico FlexAR Series to be low cost, low power and ultra flexible. This enables system integrators to build the most effective and competitive traffic management solutions with minimal effort. The flexible architecture of our systems, coupled with fantastic development support, means that you can now rely on Kestrel to help you create custom solutions for any application you have in mind. All you have to do is get in touch with your requirements!

Low Power

Low power consumption is at the forefront of our development efforts. Our 100m & 400m radar devices consume less than 65mW operating at a 4Hz duty cycle. We have achieved a true low power system, which for many applications can be a crucial factor, especially where mains supply is not an option.


We have implemented a simple, yet powerful “plug and play” architecture. This allows you to simply select ready made peripheral devices from our range and simply match them to the required functionality of your application. This effortless customisation is unique and cost effective.


Our K2 Pico Flex Radars run a “virtual machine” allowing the OEM to define the specific functionality required. This highly powerful feature no longer ties you to vendor supplied modes of operation and frees you to implement your own schemes without the need for other custom hardware.

Powerful Software

Our Kestrel Workbench tool allows you to configure, customise and simulate functionality within a rich development environment. If you opt for a data collecting radar, Kestrel Workbench will also generate graphical reports of detection data at the click of a button.