Programmable LED Signs, The Future is Here!

Flexibility in a safety signs is critical these days, as you don’t want to stock 20 different products when you can stock one programmable LED sign  instead. The key to this programmability is the architecture of the radar and associated electronics and most importantly the software that goes with it. At Kestrel Radar Sensors we have developed the FlexAR series of products that boast the ultimate standard in re-programmability. The hardware has to be powerful enough to cope with the demands placed on it today but it has to be flexible enough to handle new ideas and changes that are likely to come up in the future. A hard trick to pull off, but the launch of the K2 Pico Series Radar and pico products pulls off this challenge. The hardware is extremely powerful –  probably by far the most powerful platform ever made for Vehicle Activated Sign / Speed Indicator Display markets.

This flexibility can only be leveraged if you have the software to support the hardware platform, at Kestrel Radar Sensors we have devised a new universal tool for all our new FlexAR family of products: the Kestrel WorkBench software suite. This powerful software solution allows complete control over device configuration. But even more than this, it allows the OEM developer to completely define or re-define the functionality of their sign products through a simple programming language.

programmable radar

For the first time, Programmable LED Signs have actually become programmable! The programmability is extremely flexible and the Kestrel products can be redefined in the field when fitted with remote accessibility. In fact, multiple operating programs can be loaded onto the Radar and a specific one activated as and when required.