Will Kestrel supply OEM Radar Speed Sign Kits? 

speed sign

Kestrel Radar Sensors have a new set of OEM Radar Speed Sign kits coming soon. The first of which is a 30cm 7 segment display in the form of a 2 digit (for MPH) or 3 digit (KMPH) applications. We also supply a large a ‘SLOW DOWN’ LED sign and a 12cm beacon.

We will supply these signs preloaded with hardware from the Kestrel FlexAR range including the K2 Pico Radar and K2 Pico LED driver in order to have them ready to use.  Further, as optional extras we can supply the K2 Pico BlueTooth module and/or the K2 Pico Modem module for communications. There are several other devices that can be added in too.  The K2 Pico Radar itself can be supplied as a standard trigger radar for 100 metre or 200 metre detection with the option for data logging configuration. Not only this, but you’ll also have access to our power Kestrel WorkBench software, within which the devices are fully programmable for virtually any application you can think of.

What’s the advantage of having the whole kit as opposed to buying individual parts for your own variant?  The answer is that we build and test and deliver fully functional kits, so there is no need to worry about even the small amount of installation you might require with a self assembly option.  Even if we don’t have a kit that meets your long term requirements we can always create a standard kit for your specific needs. We keep inventory of all our standard products and this allows you the freedom and benefit of reduced risk. Of course, you always have the option to build your own and we can supply individual items or even partially assembled products that suit your needs.

An alternative is to use a base kit methodology. This is a very useful mechanism when you have several variants that are shipped. Adding an extra Pico module using the plug and play module boards allows for simple customisation with off-the-shelf standard products with minimal inventory. This mechanism allows the OEM customer the potential to offer a portfolio of products that would only require minimal additional stock.

With Digit Signs, SLOW DOWN signs and with the K2 Pico series we have 4 radar options and 6 additional comms and IO board options. This kind of  flexibility for kitting options is unique to Kestrel Radar Sensors. Put simply, we will be able to offer more options and combinations than any other supplier of Radar products.