K2 Pico FlexAR

Advanced Detection Solutions

The K2 Pico FlexAR Series presents system integrators with a technologically superior platform for building traffic management solutions. There are two variants of radars available dependent on the level of functionality and flexibility required for your application. Both ranges feature cutting-edge DSP technology and represent a leap forward for CW Doppler radar technology.

K2 Pico Basic

The K2 Pico Basic Radar is our entry level device, ideal for applications where low power and ease of use are key priorities. The Basic Radar is a fixed functionality device with configurable parameters selectable within our Kestrel Workbench software solution. This product is designed for seamless and cost effective system integration.

K2 Pico Flex

The K2 Pico Flex Radar, our most advanced product, is the world’s first user definable radar device in the vehicle detection market. Every operational feature can be controlled through a simple script language accessible within our Kestrel Workbench software solution. This provides the OEM integrator with a totally flexible architecture, enabling them to create effective traffic management solutions for almost any application.