K2 Pico Basic Radar

The K2 Pico Basic Radar is a low cost fixed function product designed to meet the needs of all projects that require a radar to detect the speed of moving vehicles or activate at a fixed speed limit threshold. It is ideal for use as a trigger device to activate external electronics or LED Speed Limit / Warning Signs. The K2 Pico Basic Radar is a CW Doppler device operating in the K-Band (24GHz).  

State of the art technology coupled with advanced DSP processing capability means that our products deliver the highest performance at the worlds lowest power consumption in every distance range.

All of our radars are available in 100m, 200m or 400m distance ranges and are supplied as open frame PCBs, designed for integration into the users’ own equipment.

Typical Applications: Vehicle Activated Signs, Variable Message Signs, Speed Indicator Displays.

Key Features

  • Two open drain MOSFET outputs, up to 2A sink per output.
  • RS232 serial link for outputting Speed and Direction Data.
  • Trigger threshold selectable with the on-board rotary switch.
  • Speed output selectable between KPH/ MPH
  • User Definable Configuration settings available through our Kestrel Workbench Software tool.
Power Usage @ 4Hz Beam Angle (HxV)
100m <65mW 38°x45°
200m <170mW 32°x30°
400m <65mW 24°x12°

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