True Versatility. 

It is never an easy decision to start from scratch, but that is exactly what we did with the K2 Pico FlexAR family development. We used the knowledge that had been learnt during the development of our X band and K1 series radars. Starting the software and hardware from scratch meant that we were able to build something that would be ultimately flexible and would mean we could overcome all the limitations that had been exposed from our previous developments as well as seen in every other current product on the market.

The K2 Pico is a unique radar device in that it provides the OEM with a platform to build a product on rather than just being used as an “end product” in its own right. The K2 Pico processor itself takes care of all the hard work – the radar signal processing, GPRS connections, Bluetooth, GPS, IO handling etc and provides a simple elegant high level approach for the OEM designer to create their system or application.

K2 Pico Flex Radar Alpha

The K2 Pico Flex Radar.

This distinction of low level control being transparent to the user allows the K2 radar products to be freed from having fixed modes of operation. In essence the K2 Radar processor allows the OEM user to create the desired applications that can be uploaded and perform the required behaviour for the system. This can be a simple response to a doppler detect event but can be much more. The K2 script language that allows this control has a rich set of API (Application Program Interface) calls. These calls include the doppler detect mentioned earlier but span control over IO, communications channels that include Serial data, BlueTooth, GPRS modem, GPS and ZigBee radio. These API calls also feature timer events as well as control over IO that includes PWM modulation.

This absolute control over the Radar and auxiliary device events has never been seen in Radar detection products before. There are good reasons for this, predominantly because it is difficult but also that it requires a significant amount processing power. The experience in IO handling communication protocols, high level language programming skills at both device and PC application end are all essential elements you require to have a chance at a successful implementation.

Thankfully we have spent the last 30 years honing these skill sets in a wide variety of industries. From high end military electronics through industrial control sector and to commercial cost sensitive products. Not forgetting decades of PC software development experience to boot.

All this has led to the world’s most versatile commercial vehicle radar detection system. It is the worlds first such system driven from Script language control, in this field it also boasts as being the worlds first implementation of Plug and Play architecture. It offers by design probably the highest level of processor performance coupled with a clear path to full blown DSP drop in design for future proof performance delivery and still offers the worlds lowest powered radar devices at both 100m and 400m.