K1 Legacy Product Range

The Kestrel K1 series radar were an extraordinary leap in technology compared to many products at the time of launch and offered more functionality and higher levels of performance than many alternative solutions.  Today these products still outshine many leading brands in both performance and cost effectiveness.

Vehicle Detection


The K1 series radar devices are offered in 100m, 200m and 400 metre ranges. The devices are also available as logging variants. Supplied in a compact form factor they allow direct integration into sign products. The radar products provide a direct interface to the K1 series IO and communications devices with integrated features like USB, RS232 and more.

Input & Output Boards

k1 r1 io expander

The K1 IO and communication products offer a rich set of features to enhance the functionality of the Radar products. This allows integrators more options for end product variants than any other vendor product on the market.

Communication Boards

k1 m1 modem

The K1 modem offers GPRS communications across the cellular telephone network, this allows for remote reconfiguration and data download from data loggers as well as text messaging options and even remote firmware upgrades.

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