K1 Input & Output Boards

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L1 Led Driver

k1 led driverThe L1 LED driver is the integrated solution for driving LED signs. It can drive dual 7 segments + single half segment and offers six additional high current outputs. Optimised for low power, the L1 (in conjunction with the K1 radar module) automatically adjusts the LED brightness to the ambient light level. Plug and play operation with the K1 series of radar modules.

Key Features

  • Kestrel K1 Bus Interface.
  • 16 PWM outputs for LED segment drive.
  • Up to 6 high current outputs for large LED string arrays.

Typical Applications

  • 7 Segment LED board drive.
  • Auxiliary LED sign drive.

R1 IO Expander

k1 r1 io expanderThe R1 module expands the input and output capabilities of the K1 series. Providing digital inputs for interfacing to external equipment or configuration . In addition the optional relay outputs can be used to provide signalling to external equipment. Multiple R1 devices can be daisy chained to extend IO capabilities even further. Optimised for low power.

Key Features

  • Kestrel K1 bus interface.
  • 2 position Address selection switch allowing 4 devices to added to K1 interface bus.
  • 4 Digital input channels.
  • 4 Relay’s with NO,COM,NO contacts on all channels.

Typical Applications

  • Provides digital inputs for interfacing to switches or external equipment and relay outputs for switching AC/DC loads or signalling.

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