K1 Legacy Radars – OEM Solutions for vehicle detection

The K1 series of vehicle detection radar are available in three ranges designed for integration into sign products. All three ranges are available as basic, advanced and data logging variants.

K1 100m Range Radar


K1 200m Range Radar


K1 400m Range Radar


Base Radar

Low cost radar for speed sign and message sign applications.

Key Features

  • Optimised for battery powered applications.
  • Uses modern DSP techniques to analyse the radar signal.
  • Will only “activate” on the selected direction of traffic flow.
  • USB Port for configuration and firmware upgrades.
  • RS232 connection to make use of Modem or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Varies output brightness based on ambient light conditions.
  • Remote access when connected to the K1 Modem module.

Advanced Radar

Offers time based operation, ideal for areas where speed restrictions can change during the day (i.e school zones).

Key Features

  • Includes all the Base Radar features.
  • On board Relay Output to provide switch for external equipment.
  • Real time clock to operate radar within specific time periods.

Data Collection Radar

Where data logging is required the advanced radar offers all the features of the advanced radar combined with a large data storage capacity.

Key Features

  • Includes all the Advanced Radar and Base Radar features.
  • Logs the traffic data collected by the radar onto an on-board 2GB Micro SD card.

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