K2 Pico Flex Radar

The K2 Pico Flex Radar is a highly advanced solution for use in single lane/single carriageway installations. This unit is a CW Doppler radar device operating in the K-Band (24 Ghz).

With a powerful processing engine, the K2 Pico Flex radar runs a virtual machine which features a fully user programmable application layer. The user is no longer constrained to vendor supplied modes of operation. Using a simple script language, the user is free to define functionality of the unit using a powerful set of API calls supplied by Kestrel Radar Sensors. Our software tool, Kestrel Workbench,  is a fully blown development environment allowing you to write, simulate and upload multiple applications to a single radar.

The K2 Pico Flex radar is also available as a data collecting version. This option utilizes 4GB of on-board solid state memory, permitting a lifetime’s worth of detection data to be collected.

All of our radars are available in 100m, 200m or 400m distance ranges and are supplied as open frame PCBs, designed for integration into the users’ own equipment.

Typical ApplicationsVehicle Activated SignsANPR CamerasSpeed Indicator Displays,  Slow Speed Detection,  Traffic Volume Monitoring.

Key Features

  • RS232 or RS485 Serial output capability, selectable at the time of build.
  • 4 open drain MOSFET outputs, up to 2A sink per output.
  • Kestrel Expansion Bus for Interaction with our communications devices including BlueTooth, GSM Modem and GPS.
  • Kestrel Interface Bus for interaction with our series of Input/Output modules
  • Programmable application layer which enables you to define how the radar operates in varying environments.
  • Data logging mode with 4GB on-board memory. This accompanies a full blown software suite built with statistical analysis on traffic data.
Power Usage @ 4Hz Beam Angle (HxV)
100m <65mW 38°x45°
200m <170mw 32°x30°
400m <65mW 24°x12°

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