2 Digit LED Speed Indicator Sign Kit

The Kestrel 2 Digit 7 segment LED Sign 30cm character height sign supports direct plug and play architecture as it incorporates fixed slots for the K2 Pico 100 or 200 metre radar products in addition to a dedicated LED driver slot. Two additional expansions slots are provided as standard with options to extend this by a further 4 expansion slots. The slots allow plug and play functionality from the Kestrel FlexAR IO and communication module range. This product is ideally suited for speed indicator signs.

2 Digit Radar Speed Sign

Front View

2 Digit Radar Speed Sign

Back View

Key Features

  • 2 x 7 segment 30cm height character LED sign.
  • Programmable LED dot for below 10mph/kph or below 20mph/kph LED signs.
  • Extendable to 2+1/2 digit with dedicated “1” digit sign.
  • 2 dedicated plug and play slots, one for Radar and one for Led driver and two further expansion slots as standard.
  • Option to add 4 additional expansion slots for IO or communication modules.
  • World’s lowest powered sign solution

Typical Applications

  • 2 or 2+1/2 digit speed indicator signs

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