What’s All This “Plug and Play” Business About?


Our first range of radar products: The K1 series, were all manufactured with Molex style connectors for traditional cabled interconnect systems. This is a great way of doing things and does offer some versatility. But when your being asked by customers to keep costs to a minimum in a final system you really have to consider all the options. So in the FlaxAR family we decided we should supply two options: the traditional arrangement and a cable free build option for customers placing larger scale orders. This means that all of our upcoming K2 Pico family can be supplied with socket pins that allow the devices to be plugged directly to a pin header on a LED Sign PCB. The customer, of course, has to design their signage with pin header locations for the devices they will require.

You not only save money on the cables and the time taken to assemble, but you can also improve EMC performance of the final system. We really believe this to be a major benefit and to show what a great methodology this is we have designed a new set of standard LED sign products for system builders. These comprise a 2 or 2+1/2 digit 7 segment LED display and a Slow Down LED sign. This OEM kit can be pre-fitted with a K2 Pico Radar the Pico Led Driver and if required, additional modules like the Pico BlueTooth module. In actuality, up to six devices can be fitted in addition to the K2 Pico Radar and Led driver. Just add an enclosure and you’re done.

Plug and Play!