Worlds Lowest Powered VAS Sign Products.


Kestrel FlexAR Family will be launched Q3/4 2014.

The launch starts with the K2 Pico series of products. These will be the worlds lowest powered devices in the Vehicle Activated Sign markets. But here is the surprise. Not only do we shrink power, we add functionality in the process. Incompatible as the two may sound, this has been achieved through a lot of dedicated R&D work.

The K2 Pico 100 metre Radar will be first 100 metre product to break the 50mW barrier, it has 50% lower power consumption while operating at a higher duty cycle than the current best performance product. This is achieved through a combination of high performance hardware and very astute power management software techniques.


There is no compromise on technical performance,  in fact the K2 Radar’s will have the fastest and the highest performance processors ever used on devices in this market segment. The slowest of these offers a blistering 120DMIPS performance and the next 220DMIPS with full floating point hardware engine and all with 32 bit processing. “That can’t be true!” I hear you say, but it is quite genuine! Blistering performance but cool running!! To match the performance of the K2 Pico Radar we have had to work just as hard to ensure that our LED drive is truly pico power <1mw, with the rest of the family following the same ultra low power ethos.