Virtual Machines Are The New Era!


We have seen it all over the years, the launch of Java originally to power white goods many years ago by Sun Microsytems only to see it almost fade to non existence, then saved by the internet age. But times have changed, although Java itself may not be particularly suitable for all applications. Running virtual machines however is a powerful methodology and amazingly, if you know how to use it sensibly, it can offer a new way of controlling things that you may be surprised to discover!

Over the years we have spent a lot of our time writing and rewriting code to make adjustments for customers, sometimes feeling like a never ending task. No one seems to want to stick to a fixed function or solution. This was all very well years ago but as time goes by these changes can seriously wear you out.  There had to be a better way to creating a universally flexible Safety Sign/VAS sign architecture that allowed user re-programmability. That sounded too good to be true.. the user can make the changes they want and we don’t have to spend time writing code!? Who’d have thought!

But this is exactly the feature we have devised for the all new FlexAR series products. The first of these products to implement this flexible approach is the K2 Pico Radar and Pico product devices. Supported with a revolutionary software tool Kestrel WorkBench. This software suite offers the OEM Configurator the ability to define new features and functions for virtually every job they are asked to do.  These features and functions can be fully simulated within Kestrel Workbench and then ported directly to the radar. In other words, the very same code used in the simulator will run directly on the target Radar. The Radar has become a platform device with resources that are made available to simple structured instructions and these dictate the final functionality. A revolutionary step for radar products.